Nanjing SceneWay Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd.

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SceneWay is a chemical company specializing in the solvent, oil, additives sales ect. We are no longer just a“trading company”. We experienced a major transformation in 2014, and we will provide more high quality services including petroleum technology、 credit 、 warehousing and logistics our customers.



Our business involves special rubber, grease, biological energy, life sciences ect.More and more industries and customers choose to grow with us. We gradually transfer from a simple trade company to a service innovative company providing customers with more technical guidance services.



We need to adapt to and cope with the change. Make continuous integration of traditional transactions, and keep adding new elements. Employees enjoy highly liberalization. Fund is more open. We promise that we must be delicate no matter warehousing, logistics, employees.


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Nanjing SceneWay Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd.
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TeL:+86 25 5871 5039
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